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Cement Lab

The cement lab is temperature and humidity controlled for conducting the various tests on cement as per the Indian Standards.

Concrete Lab

Design of concrete mixes for various grades using admixtures, viz., fly ash, slag and silica fume can be carried out at the concrete lab. The concrete lab has a Pan Mixer, Vibrating table, various Workability measurement devices and is equipped with an Accelerated Concrete Testing (ACT) chamber. The lab is also equipped with an Automated 3000 kN & 500 kN Compression Testing Machine (CTM) and 1000 kN Universal Testing Machine (UTM) for the testing of cubes and steel rebars respectively. The concrete lab is also having facilities for testing of the various constituent materials of concrete, viz., fine and coarse aggregates, Rapid Chloride Penetration Test (RCPT), Water Permeability test, etc. The lab can give economical concrete design mixes based on trial mixes for the various grades and using mineral admixtures.

Chemical Lab

The chemical lab is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with Spectrometer, Fume cupboard to evaluate the various chemical compositions of reinforcing steel rebars, concrete and water.

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